Custom Designed Retirement Plans

Small Business Solutions

We help your clients by providing options that may help them protect their financial future with a retirement plan for themselves and their business.  A full range of plans are offered:
      ~  Fully-Insured Defined Benefit Plans
     ~  Cash Balance Plans
     ~  401(k) Defined Contribution Plans
     ~  Profit Sharing Plans
All of these plans can be custom designed (at no cost) to help give your clients the largest permissible share of total contributions, as well as tax deductions for their business.

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Five Questions to Consider 
for Your Clients

     1.  Where are they now?
     2.  What do they want for their future?
     3.  What could get in the way?
     4.  What first steps can they take?
     5.  What strategies can they use?

The Number 1 enemy of your client’s wealth creation besides procrastination is TAXATION!  Don’t let their liefelong success be erased by taxes and unintended inheritors.

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