You are exclusively invited to our complimentary Community Service Presentation!  

Are either you or your spouse a Veteran…

‘New Veteran Benefit Rules’

  • With 90 days of consecutive, active military service, 1 day served during wartime?
  • At least age 65?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you should apply for your Dept of VA Healthcare and Pension benefits!

  • Qualifying and enrolling for the little-known VETERAN’S PENSION AND HEALTHCARE BENEFITS
  • New Rules and Regulations, effective January 1, 2019, for qualifying for this benefit

You Will Learn About…

Thursday, February 28th 

1:00 pm

Koelbel Library
(Koelbel Living Room)
5955 S Holly St
Centennial, CO  80121

Your local hosts and presenters for this presentation are:  Shari Sykes, Certified Volunteer of APSC and Tom Clark, VA Accredited Estate Attorney.

Register below by Wednesday, February 27th