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What are Defined Benefit Plans?



Defined Benefit plans are retirement plans where contributions are made on behalf of the employees and the owners, throughout their career, providing a specific benefit upon retirement. This allows the company maximum tax deductions.


Defined Contribution plans, like 401(k)s, depend on contributions and investment performance. Defined Benefit plans offer a guaranteed retirement income based on factors like salary, years of service, age and employer contributions.


Many business owners find themselves grappling with inadequate retirement planning, due to the market rate risk, utilizing Defined Contribution plans.  They generally have relied on conventional plans like 401(k)s, SEPs or IRAs, not realizing they may have been missing out on significant tax benefits. The solution lies in embracing a Defined Benefit plan, where contributions could be significant (as defined by IRS regulations) and could turbocharge retirement savings.


The Benefits of a Defined Benefit Plan

Tax Efficiency

As a doctor of chiropractic, maximizing your net worth while minimizing taxes is crucial. A Defined Benefit plan could boost your net worth and possible substantial tax savings, allowing you to keep more of what you've earned.

Employee Recruitment

When seeking the perfect fit for your practice, offering a Defined Benefit plan is a game-changer. It signals your commitment to your team's long-term financial well-being, making your practice an attractive destination.

Employee reward & retention

Studies reveal that businesses with a Defined Benefit plan experience higher employee retention rates. Imagine attracting and keeping top talent because they know their retirement is secure.

safety & security

Employees crave certainty about their future income. With a Defined Benefit plan, they know exactly what to expect in retirement, providing peace of mind and motivation to excel.


What about unexpected hurdles? Early disability or death can derail even the most carefully laid plans. That's where DB plans shine, providing living benefits and strategies to navigate such challenges, ensuring your retirement dreams remain intact.

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From our Discovery Call, if it is determined that your practice qualifies, a meeting will be scheduled with our strategic partner, a private family-owned firm in Colorado Springs, CO.


A census, YTD P&L, and last years P&L will be required after the consultation with our strategic partner. This information is sent to the Actuary team, who only work with real numbers. During the plan design, you will be able to fully comprehend the impact that your DB plan will have on your taxes, your net worth, and your practice.