Will Your Business Survive

Will Your Business Survive Your…..
Disability?  Retirement?  Death?

Unfortunately, many small businesses fail to survive beyond the first generation.  One reason is the failure to plan for the disposition of the business at an owner’s death, disability, retirement or withdrawal.

As an owner of a closely held company, only three choices exist for the disposition of your business interest:

     1.  Sell to co-owners, family members or outside third parties
     2.  Liquidate the business
     3.  Retain the business with the family

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Protecting the Survival of Your Business

This decision-making process may be a difficult process.  You have great investments in your business:  physical, financial and emotional investments.  Any success the business has experienced came as a result of your hard work, perserverance and an ability to take risks.
Consider taking advantage of the opportunity to plan the continuation of your business beyond your management.  Call us today or complete the Business Planning Profile below and email it kim@financialwealthsolutions.com or fax to (720) 216-5122 to begin the process of extending the life of your business.

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